About Can Sar

Can is an engineer and entrepreneur. He is currently in the early stages of a new startup project.

Previously, he most recently worked on Google Inbox, where he helped create Google Reminders. Reminders help users quickly capture todos with smart autocomplete and provide Assists – handy pieces of information to help get them started, like customer service phone numbers, countdowns to important deadlines, and more.

Previously, Can was CTO and Co-Founder of Apture, which Google acquired in 2011. Apture enabled millions of users to get instant, on-the-fly explanations without leaving their place, across a billion page views per month on its publisher network.

Can graduated from Stanford University with a BS and MS Degree in Computer Science, focused on Systems. He was a student in the Stanford Computer Science PhD program before leaving to work full-time on Apture. He has published several academic papers in Operating Systems and Security, is a Stanford Graduate Fellow, Stanford President’s Scholar, and the author of several patents.

His other interests include Economics, Political Philosophy, and Foreign Policy.